ABX 2017 Build

ABX 2017 Build


The focus of this year’s ABX+GreenBuild installation, No Tools Required, is to explore concepts of material interactions, joinery, and zero waste efficiency. We have created a collection of interactive furniture pieces using a simple and efficient construction technique that allows us to marry the sturdiness of plywood with the tensile strength of the fabric. Each of the pieces is created with either a full sheet or a half sheet of plywood, laminated with a layer of felt, CNC routed, and then folded and buckled. This ultimately results in a process in which no tools are needed for the assembly of each object, and no waste is left from the process of making.

M a k e TANK, now in our second year, was created as a BSA committee with the mission of creating a collaborative environment to research and experiment with ideas in physical form. With a focus on maker culture, we believe this understanding leads to improved design, quality, delivery, and material understanding.

Material Interactions

Early design iterations revealed that a flexible material like fabric between pieces of plywood was not only interesting but also fun to imagine new possibilities.



NO Tools NO Waste

Continuing to expand on this idea M a k e TANK designed furniture pieces that left NO waste during production and could easily be assembled by one or two people with NO tools.


Beautiful Simple Interactive Furniture

The end product is laminated, CNC’d and assembled in less than an hour. All the connection details are machined, strung together, and twisted to tension the toggle.

How This Project Started

This year’s ABX installation (not pavilion), aims to tap into two known constants, material behavior and the innate human interest in interacting with the world around them. MakeTank will explore making in a purist fashion that listens intently to the material, allowing it to shine. Secondly, but equal in importance- we are providing the visitor an open invitation to play, build and interact with one another. By utilizing thick felt sheets, embedded with a system of fastening that make their construction legible to the user, we hope to create a system of making that is both inviting, tapping into  human desires to play and interact, as well as employing an efficient, elegant construction method that reduces waste.